Health Coach & Nutritionist

Work With Anna

A different kind of health journey…

Think of me as your nutritionist, fitness trainer, healthy lifestyle adviser, out-sourced will-power and new best friend, all rolled into one!… My job is to work out the perfect healthy lifestyle for your unique body, personality and life - and to provide all the support and tools you could possibly need to make it your new ‘normal’.

Highly Personalised & Adaptive

I have no fixed advice or way of working, and work very differently with every client - my focus is always to find what works for YOU, both in terms of our coaching relationship and your approach to healthy living. As time passes, often your needs will change, so I will work closely with you throughout your journey to optimum health, constantly evaluating and adapting our approach as needed to ensure that you are continuously achieving results.

Support Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Working with me, you will have unlimited access to my support, 24/7... And, yes, I really mean it…

  • Email or message me anytime (24/7) and I guarantee a response within 24 hrs, but usually much sooner.

  • Book a 1:1 sessions whenever you want... I can usually fit in a 30-60 min session with just 24 hrs notice

I only work with a small number of clients at any one time, so you can be confident that I will be able to dedicate as much time as needed to ensuring your success.


What results can you expect?

Transformative Results… Fast

I am in the business of BIG change. Working with me, you can expect:

  • To feel a difference immediately… In your body or mindset, but usually both!

  • To be challenged and supported towards transforming your health

  • To feel confident about achieving your goals, but also empowered to achieve more than your ever thought possible

Sustainable Healthy Habits... for Life

Rapidly transformative does not mean a ‘diet’ or a quick fix.

From the start, we will work together to create lasting change and build your new healthy 'normal'.

This is achieved by working with your body to find a way of eating and living that you love; that gets results quickly without leaving you feeling deprived - and most of all, that makes you feel amazing, so that you want to continue it for life.

Book your free session now…

Like the sound of my approach? - Why not book a free consultation now?

Absolutely no obligation or hard sell; this is just your chance to tell me your story and work out whether I’m the right fit for you.

 If you’d prefer to message, no problem - just drop me an email at or via whatsapp on 00447786847396